Melbourne General music concerts

Dear Melbourne Concert users,

As you will probably have read, I have unfortunately had to discontinue updating the concert calendar website and apps. But I know that there are still many people who would love to go to music concerts, but don’t know when they are on. It is for that reason that I have decided to give a list of websites that you can use to find out what’s on in Melbourne. It’s not as simple as looking at the calendar that I used to provide, but I hope that you will be able to find concerts that interest you nonetheless. This page is to find music concerts in Melbourne in general.

Websites for Melbourne in General:

  • Visit Melbourne website (
    This website is run by the City of Melbourne, and includes many different events. This list is all of the music concerts- so there are classical concerts mixed in with pop concerts and other music events. While this list is not specific, it includes lots of events.
  • Australian Music Centre website (
    This website includes some of the music concerts that are harder to find out about- often these are chamber music or contemporary music concerts. You can click the tab to show only Victorian concerts- or if you are in another state, you can choose to look at only concerts for that location too.
  • Limelight Magazine Calendar (
    Limelight Magazine covers a lot of music in different genres. They have a website where they tell you about some concerts that are coming up soon. If you only want to see classical music events, then you can click the CLASSICAL MUSIC filter towards the top of the page.
  • Only Melbourne website (
    This website is an all-purpose calendar, with MUCH more than just music. To navigate it easily, click on the date you are interested in, then I recommend using the (ctr+f) function to search for ‘Concerts’ or ‘Music’. This will take you to the Concerts/Music part of the calendar. Often there are a lot of jazz events on this site.
  • Federation Square events (
    Again, this is an all-purpose calendar, with much more than just music. If you want, you can scroll down, then click the search filter, and check the ‘Music’ box, and enter the date that you are interested in.
  • Early Music concerts (
    This website has a list of which early music events are coming up. It does list events that are not in Australia, but there are a large number of events in Melbourne that are listed here.
  • All Events, Melbourne (
    This website is not as specific as some of the others, but it does help make sure you really don’t miss any events that are on. I have found that this site lists events that none of the others do, and so while it may not have everything on it, it does help you avoid missing something that you may be interested in.
  • Visit Melbourne, Musicals (
    This is the same website as the one above. However, this calendar shows musicals and theatre. I added this to the list so you can find out about other types of music too.
  • New Music Network (
    This website appears to be out of date- only displaying concerts from 2014. However, I have listed it in case they update it. It is good for specifically contemporary music.
  • Jason Downes gig guide (
    If you are interested in Jazz concerts, then Jason Downes is a great resource to find out what’s happening around Melbourne. There is also an app, so you can find out the details on the go.


This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully it gives you some good references to use. Also, it never hurts to do a google search too.

Happy music making, listening, and enjoying!

Warmest regards,
Josh Rogan


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